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Lost: Vambrace D whistle, Australia - found!

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:17 am
by Mitch
Hmm - not a lot of reports here!

That's Great value statement for whistlers!!!

However, I have to post this one.

Lost in transit - probably fell off a goods-loading train and rolled off down Mascot airport tarmac a few months ago.

Vambrace Delrin/Serling whistle in D serial number #90408.

If you find this sucker - It's stolen. Hopefully it didn't get crushed by a 767. A good whistle and its owner is pining for its return.

I'm making a replacement - but it could take a while :(


Whistle #90408 materialised today.

Funny how these lost-in-transit things tend to re-surface when one lodges and insurance claim, also when one posts it as stolen. This one was "missing in transit" for 3 months.
I am glad it does not happen often!