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LOST: Eoghan O'Sullivan's Eamon Cotter flute in NYC
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Author:  nishii [ Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  LOST: Eoghan O'Sullivan's Eamon Cotter flute in NYC

I received this recently from Eoghan O'Sullivan, one of the best flute-players in Irish music (imho) - he doesn't use computers much, so I said I'd post this for him in places that made sense. Flute Forum on C&F is the best place, to my knowledge. If anyone has thoughts about where else to put this, please let me know.

Or if you know a way to find things left in yellow cabs in NYC, please speak up!

Yes, he realizes it's a very slim possibility that it will be found, esp. at this late date. Hope spring eternal.

BTW, he and Pat O'Connor have a new recording out called Conversation at the Crosses.


LOST, well, actually *left* in the trunk of a yellow cab in NYC, a FLUTE.
Late afternoon, in mid April 2009, in front of Grand Central Station.

The flute is made from African Blackwood, keyless and in three sections.
Maker: Eamon Cotter, Kilmaley, Co. Clare, Ireland.
Original cork joints replaced with plumber's tape (white).
Instrument wrapped in navy blue batik style Japanese cloth and held in a red nylon soft case with black piping and shoulder strap.

The instrument is invaluable to its owner:
PHONE: 025/85378

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