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A place for our musicians to post information about instruments lost, stolen, or otherwise missing.
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This is the C&F-wide forum for posting notices of any instruments which have been lost or stolen, or have gone missing.

Titles should include at least the type of instrument (flute, fiddle, etc.), the place of disappearance, and the nature of the loss.

Example: Stolen: Generation D whistle in Timbuktu

Reports linked from other sources or internet sites should include the basic information in addition to just the link.

In order to limit cross-posting, and to keep reporting and information centralized in one place, a post linking to a notice here (but not a copy) may be posted in ONE other C&F forum, typically the forum of the instrument involved.

Of course, follow-up posts to announce found or recovered instruments are always welcome!

Thanks - Your ChiffCo Management
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About this forum

Post by Dale »

This is a forum which allows musicians to post information about missing/lost/stolen instruments. If you are in the sad situation of being separated from your instrument, feel free to post here. I guess these things are long-shots, but if we can unite one flute player with his Olwell, it'll be worthwhile.

I'd urge you to provide as much information as you can about the instrument and about the circumstances under which it vanished. Where, when...anything you can think of. Ok to also indicate how you'd like to be notified if anyone has a tip for you.

Of course, if you are united with your lost instrument(s) please come back and give us the good news.

Note also that there are a number of other places to post about lost instruments and you certainly want to hit those, too. For example, there's a very well-established site for lost/stolen flutes at


Best of luck!
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