Stolen Sam Murray flute

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Stolen Sam Murray flute

Post by kenny »

Posted on "" earlier today :

STOLEN Sam Murray Flute out of car. Dublin. 08/10/17. Quays outside Diageo near Heuston.
Hello Everyone,

I am absolutely devastated that on the 8th of October my Sam Murray wooden 5 keyed flute was stolen out of my fiancee’s car in Dublin on the quays outside Diageo near Heuston. He walked me to the train at Heuston and walked straight back and in the time that took they smashed a window, rooted around and found it. The flute is my pride and joy and I’ve had it since I was a child. We are doing everything we possibly can to be on the lookout for it. Checking online on buy and sell sites, sharing on facebook, putting up posters, working with the Gardai, etc…

I would be so appreciative if anyone could be on the lookout for it. Here is the link to my original facebook post - ... nref=story. Absolutely no pressure but please share it if you feel up for it!

Thank you so much!!!

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