STOLEN: MK Pro Low D Whistle in Polished Green

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STOLEN: MK Pro Low D Whistle in Polished Green

Post by *silmarillion* »

Hello all,

On Thurday, December 10, 2015, my polished green MK Pro low D whistle was stolen during transit while being shipped through the U.S. mail. A family member had shipped it to me from out of state in a Priority Mail shipping tube. When I received and signed for the tube in my apartment's office, it was empty. The tape on one end had been tampered with, and the white plastic plug had been put back in.

My mistake was first of all letting the whistle out of my sight and secondly not emphasizing that my family member insure it for the full value of the instrument (USPS Priority Mail only come with $50 insurance unless otherwise upgraded). To my knowledge, there was no serial #, date, or significant feature to identify this whistle.

The whistle was likely stolen in the Winston-Salem, NC area, or en route from Livingston, Montana by a USPS employee.

Nathan Fox
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Re: STOLEN: MK Pro Low D Whistle in Polished Green

Post by Sirchronique »

How do you know it was a USPS employee, and not someone at your apartment office? This may not be the case, but it is probably better to leave no stones un-turned. I'll keep my eyes peeled on eBay.
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