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Alto b flat and F
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Author:  jeffrey armbruster [ Mon May 14, 2018 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  Alto b flat and F

By far the hardest fingerings for me involve the lowest register on my alto Mollenhauer Denner recorder. The b flat and low f in particular. It's because of the stretch of my fingers--sometimes I don't cover all the holes completely; sometimes my top right finger gets pulled off of that hole. Also my finger dexterity is poorest by far when it comes to playing the bottom four notes.It's also true that this recorder is brilliant playing high notes--I'm really pleased to be getting a sweet singing tone all the way up to high f (I'm still relatively new and so is the recorder). It may be that it's less forgiving for these low notes.

Anyway is this typical? i understand that there are breath technical issues as well. I'm just devising some exercises and playing pieces over and over with this problem area.

Thanks! any advice is welcome.

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