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Kaval vs Blul
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Author:  PetterPan [ Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Kaval vs Blul


I came in contact with the kaval for the first time about a year ago and quickly made one in PVC for myself to practice on. I have been playing on and off (off mostly due to breaking/losing my plastic kavals), but I really enjoy the instrument and I feel I have progressed well. I now spent the day to make yet another new PVC kaval and took time to make it as good possible. Shortly after I was ready I went to YouTube to get inspiration to play and try out the instrument. I put on a Blul player and noticed for the first time that the Blul had nine fingerholes instead of eight!

What are your thoughts on this difference between the instruments? How much does the extra hole help for the tonal range? Is there a reason to use eight holes, although there are fingers enough for nine? It seems quite comfortable to use nine fingers.

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