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Author:  kenny [ Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: DJ Kenny

Hi Aaron - glad you found our programme. I'm sorry, but there isn't any facility for hearing past shows again. We do most of the programmes live on air, except when the station closes for Christmas. Today's programme - our "Annual Review" of favourite tracks from 2017 - had to be pre-recorded, as did next week's programme. We are back on air "live" on the 10th, when we will include a short tribute to local tin-whistle player Alex Green, who passed away just before Christmas - see threads elsewhere - and take a look forward to the Glasgow "Celtic Connections" Festival and also the "Jimmy McHugh" weekend, again in Glasgow, happening around the same time.
Best wishes, Kenny

Author:  kenny [ Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DJ Kenny

We were quite pleased with our "St. Patrick’s Day 2018" programme, although I had to present it myself as Colin was a bit under the weather. A bit ahead of its’ time, but it’s online now :

Saddened of course to hear of the passing of Liam O’Flynn [ RIP ], and we do intend making a small tribute to the man and his music next week [ available from Thurs. 22nd ].

Track listing is as follows - it’s not 100% Irish as one of our priorities is always to promote musicians appearing locally. I also managed to dedicate a track to Stephen Hawking. How did I do that ? :)

After opening "jingle" :

1 - "Junior Crehan’s / Corney Is Coming" - "Planxty" with Liam O’Flynn

2 – “Clifford’s slides”– [from new release "Music In The Glen" - our March “Album Of The Month” ]
- Brendan Mulholland, Conor Lamb and Deirdre Galway

3 – “Ridgeway” – Martin Simpson [ Stonehaven Folk Club last Friday ]

4 –“ The Twin Cities / Winnie Hayes’” – Sean O’Driscoll [ banjo ]

5 – “Thank God We’re Surrounded By Water” – “The Dubliners”

6 – “Downtown” – “Moving Hearts”


8 – “Highland Harry” – Dougie MacLean [ new release ] Playing Stonehaven 23rd March

9 – “Take Me Out Drinking” - Iona Fyfe – [ new release ] "The Blue Lamp", Aberdeen 29th March

11 – “Mo Gile Mear” – “Relativity” :) [ dedicated to the memory of Stephen Hawking [RIP] ]

12 – “Maids Of Mitchelstown” – “The Bothy Band”

PLAY OUT – “McKendrick’s” [ Mohsen Amini on concertina ] - From new release “TMSA Tour 2017”

Does anyone have a favourite Liam O’Flynn track you’d like us to play next week ?
Any memories of him or his music ?
We’re open to suggestions and all will be appreciated.
Many thanks, Kenny

Author:  kenny [ Fri May 03, 2019 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DJ Kenny

Although the current programme was featuring "new release" CDs from Scotland, there's are some good flute tracks at the beginning -

1 - "The First Of May / The Wren" - Harry Bradley and Colm Gannon [ The programme was broadcast on 1st of May ]

2 - "Paddy Taylor's / The Four Leafed Shamrock" - Dylan Carlos, Cein Sweeney and John McCartin [ new release ]

3 - "Aileen's Slow Jig / The Old Road North" - Calum Stewart and Lauren MacColl

4 - "Around The Hills Of Clare / Ferry Reel" - "Moving Cloud" [ Denmark ]

I'll leave it to you as to whether or not you listen to the rest of the programme, but these should be of interest to flute players.

Requests are always welcome !

Programme link here :

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