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Author:  TerryB [ Thu Mar 28, 2002 5:33 pm ]
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Jessie is not on the board any longer, so she asked me to list the following flutes she is offering for sale. Her email appears at the end of the post in case you would like to contact her about any of these flutes.


The following flutes are being offered for sale:

1. M&E Polymer tunable D flute in hard wooden case, $280

2. Hammy Hamilton blackwood D flute, sterling silver rings, nickel tuning
slide, expertly repaired (by Hammy) crack (invisible) on back of head, in
hard wooden case, $560

3. Martin Doyle blackwood D flute, 2-piece, no tuning slide, sterling silver
Celtic rings, hand-picked in Ireland, $500

4. Eugene Lambe blackwood D flute, silver-plated head with plastic
embouchure plate, as recommended by Eugene for export, in hard wooden case,

5. Ralph Sweet walnut D flute, 2-piece, no tuning slide, hand-picked from
many flutes, plays very well, in hand-woven, sewn chenille bag, $250

6. Ralph Sweet rosewood 4-key D flute, sterling silver keys and rings, in
sewn wool bag, $480

7. Patrick Olwell bamboo A flute (fife), in wool bag, $40

For shipping and insurance within the USA, add $5 plus $1 for every (rounded
up) hundred of value. You can pay by PayPal bank transfer (not credit card),
personal check, or cashier's check. Please contact Jessie by e-mail at with questions or interest.

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