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Olwell versus Desi Seery
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Author:  okverka [ Tue Mar 05, 2002 1:35 pm ]
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Hi all,
could you compare Olwell versus Desi Seery? I am preparing to buy Desi this week, should I switch to Olwell at this very last minute? :eek:)

Is Olwell tuned not only to itself, but also to other instruments at the session? i.e. does it matter that it has no tuning possibilities? Is it's D a real D? I have a bamboo flute from another maker, it is a pleasure to play it, but it is a quarter or half tone out of tune, so I can’t play it at sessions.

thanks for any advice,
Otakar Kverka
Prague, Bohemia

Author:  pixyy [ Wed Mar 06, 2002 2:41 am ]
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Hi Otakar,

You're looking at too very different beasts here, so it very much depends on what you are looking for.
In this I am assuming you talk about Seery's Delrin Flutes and Patrick Olwell's Bamboo flutes.

The Seery is an 'Irish' flute, made the same as the expensive wooden versions: tapered body, tuning slide, 3 pieces (he makes different models now).
Whether it sounds like a high quality wooden flute is another argument, but it looks, feels and plays like on.

The Bamboo flute is a bamboo flute: Light, cylindrical, non-tuneable and with a different sound.
I recently had a chance to play one - and now I want one!! Didn't check it to a tuner, but was in tune with the other instruments I played with. Have heard only positive comments about these flutes.

Just 2cts from a beginning player who is lucky enough to know someone who has lots of whistles and flutes :grin:

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