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Low Bb flute
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Author:  Eivind [ Tue Jan 15, 2002 7:08 pm ]
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Hi all!
I have been listening to this beautiful recording by Solas, featuring Seamus Egan playing something he calls the "Bb flute", with a very deep tone and a rich, haunting sound. Does anybody know something more about this instrument? Is it playable for anybody but mr. Egan? Are they commercially available?

Just wondering...

All the best,

Eivind :smile:

Author:  RudallRose [ Tue Jan 15, 2002 7:34 pm ]
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just about all the good makers will do the Bb flute.....and some even lower!
Rudall&Rose made a beautiful Bb flute in their day, too

Author:  gcollins [ Sat Jan 19, 2002 1:57 am ]
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Hey man:

I too love a low Bb flute. EGan plays an Olwell low Bb, as does Lawrence Nugent.
I'm about 3-4 months away from one myself. Sure would love to find a Rudall original.

Peter Noy, who makes real nice flute, can make one for you in about 6 months. Many others as well, and I think almost all are based on the Rudall low Bb.

I wrote another message on this board about Matt Malloy's playing of a low Bb on Heathery Breeze. Incredible.

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