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A tale of good service
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Author:  clark [ Sat Jan 05, 2002 7:23 am ]
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I just wanted to let everyone know about a flute saga that could have so easily been disapointing, but turned out well due to good service and a committment to excellence all around.

Some time ago I ordered a Seery flute from Steve Power at Shanna Quay. After a long wait with my anticipation growing all the time the flute finally came (not Steve's fault...there are alot of oceans between Eire and Hawaii when something is sent surface). The first thing that was remarkable was that Steve CARED that it took so long!

Well, the flute played with a nice full tone and excellent responsiviness. There were, however, two "small" problems. The C# seemed unusually flat relative to the rest of the flute... and in fact I found the whole flute to be flat (at least the way I play). Desi Seery pointed out that his flutes are designed to be blown hard and that I was probably just not putting enough into it. Sure enough, with enough embrouchure and breath I could get the thing to play in tune; but (pant, pant, pant) at what price.

Well, Steve wouldn't have it! He wanted me satisfied and suggested I send the flute back for either a refund or adjustment. I sent it back asking that if the whole flute could be made a little sharper I could deal with the adjustment needed for the C#. Maybe shorten the tuning slide a bit?

As it turned out Desi apparently made me an entirely new flute to my specifications. I got it yesterday and it is perfectly matched to my style and the C#, as well as the rest of the flute, is now also easily in tune. I am always impressed with people who do what they do to a high degree of excellence! Steve Power and Desi Seery are two such people. I sure hope Shanna Quay continues to be a thriving enterprise because Steve is a rare prize in the business world!


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Author:  MarkB [ Sat Jan 05, 2002 3:25 pm ]
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It is alwalys good to hear good service, even excellent service stories on these boards.


Author:  PaulGil [ Sun Jan 06, 2002 6:12 am ]
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I too must convey kudos to Steve Power. I finally ordered a Seery Delrin 3 piece flute from Steve back in December. I was getting Flute and Mouth disease from my Ralph Sweet Rosewood. Steve had the flute in my hands within 10 days. I love this honker! Can't play it yet but am having a great time passing in and out of consciousness trying to get the air in it.

A pleasure to deal with, Steve also honored my request to toss in a Doolin whistle. I thought I had read somewhere that a free whistle would be included with every order for a Seery but I was mistaken, but Steve popped the whistle in with the package anyway. A really nice thing to do if you ask me.

So I honor Steve with my grateful applause and recommend to all fluters and whistlers on the Great Board of The Chiff to keep Steve in mind when you're wallowing in WHOA.

Best to all for the new year!

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