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bansuri flutes, instruction manual, tape, Olwell low D
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Author:  ysgwd [ Sat Nov 03, 2001 8:58 pm ]
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I'm selling some bamboo and cane flutes in various keys. I experimented a lot with various kinds of folk flutes before focusing on a few types, and these are the flutes I no longer need. They are all in new condition and have been sterilized.
See image at
The following four flutes are seven hole bansuri.
high F (western C) originally 40.00 asking 20.00
middle C (western G) 65.00 asking 32.50
C# (western G#) 60.00 asking 30.00
D (western A) 55.00 asking 27.50

Low D six hole Olwell. This flute is great for Irish music but requires hands on the large side. It is sturdy, light, and has excellent volume and tone color. Originally 70.00 asking 45.00. Instead of with a cork, the embouchure end is closed by the natural joint of the cane. The finish has a superior silky feel, like natural bamboo and not cheap varnish.

How to Play Bansuri: A Manual for Self-Instruction Based on the Teaching of Devendra Murdeshwar, by Loren Leifer, spiral bound with accompanying cassette, thorough instruction from beginning to improvisation, many diagrams and photos, originally 40.00 asking 20.00.

Buy it all for 85.00.

Buyer pays shipping.

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