Sam Murray

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Tell us something.: Flute player, folk singer multi instrument, originally Belfast now Co Leitrim. Played all over Ireland, several very successful groups semi prof.. Now retired.

Sam Murray

Post by LeitrimLad »

Anyone got an update on Sam Murray..? I've read some of the posts here and must admit, I am slightly disheartened... Sam lived facing me in Belfast and we drank and played many a night in Kellys Cellars back in the 80s, when the likes of Leslie Bingham and Billy McCormack played... I remember him first setting up a shed out his back in Fairyknowe Park to make the flutes, my uncle Jimmy made his reamers. This was long before he left for Galway. He made my first flute, and is a very witty and genuinely nice man... it's sad to read some of the stories on the forum here, and I understand the anger of many. But we all have our problems, and perhaps if he wasn't such a good flute maker during his day, his problems wouldn't be so public now.. I would be more concerned for his welfare than anything else... he was, and still is a big part of the tradition..especially in terms of Belfast Flute Playing.
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Paul McGlinchey
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Re: Sam Murray

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I agree. I had many great times with Sam and he made me fantastic flutes. I can only wish him well although I understand that other people have different opinions. I would love to catch up with him again at some stage, life is short.
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