FS: Flutes & (Wilkes, Lejeune, Buffet, Concertina)

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FS: Flutes & (Wilkes, Lejeune, Buffet, Concertina)

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Hello All,
A close friend departed last year and his family recently asked me for help in selling most of his instruments.
Most of those are just lovely, among them his main flute, a Chris Wilkes from early 90s, just super.
Here is a list, with prices. EU preferred as the instruments are in Roma, Italy.

Geert Lejeune Keyless D Flute (800€)
Juilleret Keyless D Flute (550€)
German Anonymus 8 keys (350€)
Butler, London, 1860, need partial restoring (450€)
Forbes Keyless D Flute ABS (330€)
[Reserved] Wilkes 8 keys (4500€) + (optional custom case 300€)

Concertina Suttner C/G 31 keys (should be an A2 Jeffries layout) made in 2017 (4000€)

[Reserved] Swyne D Boxwood (180€)
Chieftains Low D (100€)
MK tunable Whistle in low F (180€)

Buffet 5 keys - 440 pitch (1500€)
Aulos AF1 Grenser Baroque flute (abs) (170€)
Piccolo ottavino Yamaha YPC 32 (300€) (good conditions)
Contralto in Sol Pearl PFA 201 ES Alto Flute (1.250€) (mint as new)
Francesco - Rome, Italy
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