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A question for flute makers... reasons for "biased" region.
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Author:  Conical bore [ Mon Apr 27, 2020 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A question for flute makers... reasons for "biased" regi

jim stone wrote:
This could be the difference tween a Pratten and a Rudall. The former tend to have a booming low D. The Rudalls often have a sweet upper register but you sometimes have to develop by yourself the low D (e.g. lift your chin, play long tones). You can get a powerful low D but you may have to learn how.

That was my experience, although with just two flutes and not playing for very long (just 5 years now), I don't know how universal it is. My first flute was a very nice keyless Windward in the Pratten-ish style. I was able to get a nice hard low D almost immediately, but was never very happy with the second octave. It sounded too breathy and harsh.

I switched to an 8-key Aeebi, a large hole Rudall type, and the second octave immediately came into focus with a pure and controlled tone. I mean immediately; I didn't have to adjust anything in my embouchure. On the other hand, the "hard" low D on the Aebi wasn't there, and I had problems just getting the note at all sometimes. Part of that was leaky key pads which I eventually fixed, but even then, the low D didn't pop like it did on the Windward.

After almost 2 years with the new Aebi, I now have a solid hard D at the bottom, easy and predictable. It did take some work. My low C# and C keys are improving too, which shows that it's more embouchure development than anything else. At least for this flute... your mileage may vary.

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