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1897 (est) Huller 8 key flute
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Author:  Sequimite [ Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  1897 (est) Huller 8 key flute

When I saw this online I figured it to be the Huller made Sears 7589 from the 1897 catalog. It's a ringer except for the inlaid German silver around the six holes and was instead made by Huller for Bruno, a US musical instrument distributor. I was pretty thrilled to find the key and a working lock. The two cracks are not leaking air. It's missing a cork and one key is slightly corroded but they all seem to work just fine. I was relying on Michael Lynn's ( experience and opinion that flutes marked LP and made for the American market in this era are in fact A440.


I just started into traditional Irish music on mandolin but was intrigued by the flutists I had heard and so , after two weeks of research got this, my first flute.

All suggestions on caring for this are appreciated. I'm finding resources on how to play it.

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