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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:08 pm 

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ChrisCracknell wrote:
"]Condensation does dribble out of a thumb hole more than the other holes due to its position on the lower side of the flute. Without the hole, then the condensation would run out to the end of the flute. (or into the g# or short f holes...) I seriously doubt that that would crack a flute unless you live in Arizona, play only occasionally and never shake the liquid out of your flute before putting it away. Otherwise many keyed flutes would suffer from the same phenomenon with F and G# holes.

True. I was only thinking of the impermeability of the tape. My keyed flute pads seem to get a bit a damp, albeit slowly and dry out on their own. I have to confess i haven't swabbed this flute more than twice a year in over 20 years. It is my main flute and is going strong. I put it away damp in the winter time when I am hoarding moisture, and give it a good shake in the summer. During my first 2 years with this flute I swabbed and oiled it regularly, but it has now settled in to itself. I do oil it once a winter, but keep it well humidified. I play it hard, nonstop for hours in a session and the same at home. It lives in a Northwind case, which has the added advantage of some minor air permeation, rather than something like a pistol case which would seal it up tight, I suppose. The b flat hole is the one most likely to catch a puddle in my flute. As it is on the bottom where the c natural keyless are generally drilled. I do have a habit of popping that key open as I put my flute away. I also occasionally set my flute upside down on the table at a session to mitigate this when I switch to a concertina for a set, and carry it vertically if I get up to go to the bar. I assume this moves moisture around inside. I also have the habit of putting my case in different positions, sometimes up like a book on a bookshelf with the crown facing up, to facilitate moisture movement. If you live in the midwest during heating season you have to adapt to radical humidity switches, even if you humidify your house, there is no guaranty your session will not be dry as Arizona, while in summer you may feel like you are breathing water vapor.

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I forgot the Bflat hole - on mine it is a right hand key and more on the back/upper side of the flute, so not a candidate for filling up with water. And sometimes during playing I will hold the flute vertically between tunes to let water, if present, run out. And I agree, central heating in winter can be as bad as Arizona (where I have never been...). Cracks on my flutes (northern Europe, regularly played) have only ever happened (twice, in total) due to stupid forcing of over tightened tenons. Once due to thread swelling with moisture. Oh, and dropping, once.

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I made an ornamental C-natural plug for my Delrin Ward flute out of polymer clay and then baked it to harden it outside the flute. It intentionally doesn't match the material color of the flute (though it could have). I used murrini cane techniques to model a clover (or approximation thereof) into the plug, which is the makers touchmark. Works very well. Being that it is also plastic, like the flute, I'm not worried about cracking or change due to humidity, but the slight flexibility of the material (and the bit of a taper I put into it) makes me think that it wouldn't be a problem for a properly humidified wood flute either.

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