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Martin Doyle flute
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Author:  lefty [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:38 am ]
Post subject:  Martin Doyle flute


Chiffers, I have been absent from the chatty forums for a while, with work commitments ( always traveling ) I moved away from flute onto whistle, then Ukulele,
and now I have gone full circle( back to flute ), enjoyed all of them I have to say, back in the day I pretty much had what ever the buying syndrome was called, and had
flutes from - Mcgee, Wilkes, Aebi, Murray, Ward, Noy, Lehart, antique Wallis, Boosey, Ormiston, keyed Reviol, you get the picture.

Never had Doyle or an Olwell, well I have just purchased an most amazing Doyle with tuning slide, looks just like Brian Finnegans one, made of African Blackwood, and I have to say if my memory
is any good, it's about the best thing I've pushed air through in a long time, I remember the anticipation of waiting for some of the flutes above, of which quite a few came from Doc Jones ( great chap ) so for me in Blighty it was always a stressful time with it being shipped, anyway just a quick word about the flute, superbly crafted, the wood is almost mirror like, having not been around any flutes for a while the bore at the exit point seems very large, and the sound is amazing, my embouchure was still pretty much the same, so no lengthy retraining of the old lips, I can't really say much more apart from by far the best Flute I blown, nice one Martin, so just need to sort out my Passport application for the new CITES regs on Rosewoods, which I have started, just need some info from Martin to complete, and as the Uk will be out of Europe in the next two years, I'll need some paperwork.

one happy fluter :D :) :D

Author:  Unseen122 [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Martin Doyle flute

I had a rosewood Doyle for about 5 years until I got my J. Gallagher 8-key; great flutes with a huge sound and super easy to play. They do have a bit of a bell at the end, great for blasting out hard Ds! The bores on these seem to have a pretty wide diameter, I never actually measured mine when I had it but it definitely seemed bigger than Pratten flutes I compared it to when I had it. Enjoy it!

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