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Re: Casey Burns Flute

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Hello again,

I've had this flute a year now and have gotten where I don't completely suck all the time. I play regularly and I have a fine instructor. She is a professional bassoonist, a top notch piper and plays whistle as well.

My question is this: I paid ~$300 for this flute but the seller indicted that they had paid quite a bit more than that when they purchased it from CB. I often practice a different times and places throughout the day, my office, the park, at home. I'm hesitant to carry this flute with me everywhere because being wood it seems somewhat delicate to me and I'm not sure what the actual value of this instrument might be. I'm thinking of getting a decent delrin flute with a tuning slide that I wouldn't have to worry about so much. Thoughts?


ripleywm wrote: Sun Aug 08, 2021 6:14 am Greetings,

Scottish smallpiper and flute novice here. I recently bought a Casey Burns flute from a random Craigslist ad. I had my piping/whistle instructor check with one of her flute buddies before I bought it so I'm fairly confident it's a decent instrument, but I wouldn't mind some opinions from some folks who play these things all the time. Also, I'd be grateful for some direction towards care of this instrument.


budding flutist,


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Re: Casey Burns Flute

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Life's too short to play flutes that aren't the flute you want to play. Make sure you have a robust case, that's how you keep a flute safest.

A quick look around Casey's website suggests that the flute was probably initially purchased for $700-$1000 depending on how many extras it has.
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