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FS: David Naill DN2 GHB African Blackwood Bagpipes
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Author:  KCinead [ Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  FS: David Naill DN2 GHB African Blackwood Bagpipes

David Naill Bagpipes DN2 $1,495
African Blackwood with nickel plating and imitation ivory
Condition: Excellent. Slightly used.
Chanter: DN2 Blackwood chanter with Mac valve
Chanter reed: Abedour (Soutar) pipe chanter reed (brand new)
Drones: have Ezeedrone reeds.
Bag: synthetic with zipper.
Bag length: from the base of the chanter 23.5 inches.
Bag width 10 inches
View set here: Ken Wood's Facebook page
$1,495 plus shipping to contiguous U.S.A. or Canada

The Naill chanter became the choice of the vast majority of solo pipers, and from the 1970s to present day, most solo prizes in top competitions have been won on Naill chanters. Year after year the reputations of many current masters were molded on these exceptional instruments.

There have been years when Naill chanters won virtually all the prizes at the major gatherings in Oban, Inverness and London.

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