am I hearing a bagpipe or?

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Re: am I hearing a bagpipe or?

Post by pancelticpiper »

Offtopic I know but speaking of clueless eejit soundmen...

Many years ago Silly Wizard was playing at The Barn here, a fairly small casual venue with a stage at one end, a walkup window serving beer at the other end, and wood picnic tables and benches in the middle.

Silly Wizard usually travelled with their own sound system and soundman, but for some reason at this venue they got what they got, the in-house guy, sitting at his little open-window booth beside the beer window at the back.

So Andy Stewart launches into Donald MacGillivray and the sound is horrible and he looks towards the sound booth... and there's nobody there! Andy smoothly changed up the words of the song

"Come like a Sound Man, Donald MacGillivray..."

This got a big laugh from the audience, who saw exactly what was going on... the sound guy was in the cue at the beer window, I think.

EDIT: I just now looked up The Barn, and it actually is a barn:

"The Barn is the campus' (University of California Riverside) historic music venue. Built in 1917 and actually used as a Barn for many years, it became a music and performance destination in the 1960's, presenting hundreds of memorable rock and folk performances including legendary acts such as Bob Dylan, Tina Turner, Tim Buckley, Wall of Voodoo, Korn, Suicidal Tendencies, the Dream Syndicate, Blink 182, the Skeletones, Social Distortion, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rage Against the Machine, No Doubt, Radiohead and countless more."

Back in the 80s I saw Silly Wizard, Battlefield Band, and other groups there. Only seats 300.
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Re: am I hearing a bagpipe or?

Post by bepoq »

definitely not a gurdy. Clearly a fiddle entering in and then uilleann pipes. But I suspect they may have looped the fiddle drone to continue on with the pipes, which might account for the difficulty in figuring it out. Not to mention pancelt's aforementioned compression.
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