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German/Medieval Bagpipe and Recorder
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Author:  Meticus [ Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  German/Medieval Bagpipe and Recorder

Hi together :-)

I'm Meticus from Nuremberg in Germany and I'm new to this forum.
I am not a professional musician, but only play just for fun and in private settings.

I just started learning to play the German/medieval bagpipe (I'm now practicing for ca. 8 weeks).
Anyone here also playing this kind of pipes?

To learn the tunes for my bagpipe in neighbour-friendly volume, I rediscovered my recorder and remembered how beautiful flutes sound. So now I'm going to play a little flute as well in future.

During practicing I invented a short melody on my flute and recorded it with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Unfortunately my flute is of very low quality regarding pitch, it's about a quarter tone too low (it's a wooden recorder with German fingering). So it was quite difficult to tune the guitar accordingly in a reasonable time and the result is "a little bit" crooked.
Here's a link to the tune:

The embellishments are not flute-typical, but how I would play it on my bagpipe. So maybe it sounds a bit unusual. I would be happy to get a little feedback :-) (mainly about the tune, not the quality xD).

I'm going to get a new recorder made of plastic in the near future. I was told that plastic flutes are not that bad regarding their low price.
What are your experiences with plastic instruments?

I also have got a tin whistle but so far did not attend to it very much. Although I like the sound very much, especially for Irish tunes. Maybe I can get started with it as well soon. I hope I won't get confused with the different fingering.

So, I think there will arise a lot of questions in the next time which I hope can get answered here in the forum :-)
Moreover I look forward to exchange experience with other pipers, get new input and inspiration or share tunes :-)

Best wishes


Author:  Meticus [ Thu Apr 30, 2020 6:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: German/Medieval Bagpipe and Recorder

After now learning to play the German bagpipe for about 3 months, I composed a short tune, which I want to share with you :)
I mixed two recordings of the pipe to conceal little faults :lol:

I think the melody can also be played very fast, so maybe it's also appropriate for the tin whistle. But I haven't checked and tried to transpose it yet.
For accompaniment I also recorded some chords with my acoustic guitar and finally added some strings and drums with the DAW.

And here is the outcome... :D

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