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FT: Scottish Smallpipes A (Sloan) and D (Moore) for uilleann
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Author:  bepoq [ Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  FT: Scottish Smallpipes A (Sloan) and D (Moore) for uilleann

Dear All,

Taking a long shot here to offer up two sets of Scottish Smallpipes that I have and am not playing (I've other sets) in hopes of setting myself up with some full/half sets of uilleann pipes. If you've ever fancied a set and have some uilleann bits you're not playing much, here's your chance. SSPs are considerably easier to play and much more forgiving than uilleann pipes (and most others too), at least in terms of playing simply—to play really well they're just like any other instrument of course—so if you're a weekend warrior that hasn't come to grips with things on the union pipes, they might do you too. Be advised (for those without experience of them), they only play in the usual 9 note Scottish pipe scale. Both of these sets will be sent in good playing order, so you should only have to adjust for the local humidity.

Set 1:

Ray Sloan Scottish Smallpipes in A:

This is a great set, remarkably small and neat, lovely buzzy tone, astonishingly forgiving to play even by SSP standards, light pressure without being so light they're difficult, almost effortless. Original bellows with them. I really enjoyed playing them, and if you travel and like to take pipes, they can't be beat (in a bellows set). Would totally recommend to a beginner/transferrer from other pipes. Blackwood with silver, bass and two tenor drone configuration. Difficult to part with I enjoyed them so much, but I scored a really lovely set of Moores in A with a bit more oomph, and Hamish and Fin are friends and my favourite makers.

Pictures to follow or on request.

Set 2:

Hamish Moore Scottish Smallpipes in D:

I've two sets of these, so one must go. Lovely sounding set in D, mismatched chanter, MacWarner bellows, but everything sounds great together. Played them the other day and was within a whisker of deciding to keep this set instead. D slightly louder and brasher than the above Sloan set. Good for solo playing or where you need a bit more volume. Certainly sessionable as long as it isn't too big, sound really great with a fiddle. Also, fantastic to sing with (I've been working on this a lot recently). Drones, in bass, baritone, tenor configuration, blackwood with brass and faux ivory, chanter, blackwood with cocobolo (I think—reddish anyway, the Moores have also use bloodwood).

Pictures to follow or on request.

What I'm looking for:

Uilleann Pipe stuff in good condition by reputable makers:

Most particularly (and probably unsurprisingly) just about anything by Benedict Koehler and most things by David Quinn

concert pitch drones
concert pitch regulators (not bass)
C chanter
C regulators (not bass)
bag in good condition
David Quinn bellows

Thanks all!


Author:  bepoq [ Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FT: Scottish Smallpipes A (Sloan) and D (Moore) for uilleann

The Sloan Smallpipes. Would also accept $1400 for these—will consider offers.

ImageIMG_3480 by bepoq

ImageIMG_3479 by bepoq

Author:  bepoq [ Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FT/FS Excellent Scottish Smallpipes A (Sloan) for uilleann r

Hi All,

Well, various wheeling and dealing has gone on, the Moore pipes in D are being passed on to a good home, and I've suddenly developed a C set, and now I'm in search of regs in either concert pitch or C.

So, one set of Ray Sloan Scottish smallpipes (see above) for sale or trade (see above). Trade desired for tenor and/or baritone regulators in concert pitch or C. Still possibly also interested in David Quinn bellows or any Koehler/Quinn concert chanter... (like that one that went on ebay last week that I missed... grrrr...)

Also interested in hearing about any regulators that might be for sale.


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