Accordina by Marcel Dreux (2012)

We have some evidence, however, that you may have to pay for the reeds.
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Accordina by Marcel Dreux (2012)

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In my current drive to simplify and declutterise my life I've decided to part with my Accordina by Marcel Dreux. Got it last summer and have hardly touched it. Its a great sounding instrument in new shape. I paid $1600 for it delivered (including postage, bank transfer fees, exchange rate), with an extra strap located on one side for holding.C System. As new, and comes with one of his cases.

Am letting a few friends and folks here know that this week I'm offering it for $1200 plus postage. Next week I'll post it on eBay starting at that with a $1550 Buy-it-Now price

I'd love to learn how to play one of these but rarely have the time to practice my guitar, thanks to a healthy career making Irish flutes for the world. I also have an old Borel Accordina to restore which basically works. That one I like a bit better because its lighter on my somewhat arthritic hands. I plan to keep it and learn on it. I just don't need to have two of these right now and can use the money to pay a little off a large flute wood purchase!

PM me or email me at if interested.

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