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We have some evidence, however, that you may have to pay for the reeds.
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Post by Dale »

This area of the Chiff & Fipple board is for discussion of squeezeboxes and other free-reed instruments, particularly in Irish traditional music.

For information and discussion about concertinas, we heartily recommend:

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about the board

Post by Mr.Nate »

Ok Dale,

This is all your fault! You started that post about your friend Tedrow, then I saw (and played) an English Wheatsone and thought " this is the coolest thang" Then I started listening to Altan and thought "what is that instrument....I really like that".....it's an accordion, not a concertina....hmm..maybe I should get one of those? Now I play the accordion. BC switching over to C#D...

Man is this STICKY!!

Where's yours?
Whistling in the Rockies!!
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