Daithí Gormley - The Blarney Pilgrims Irish Music Podcast

We have some evidence, however, that you may have to pay for the reeds.
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Tell us something.: We’re two Irish lads based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and we create a weekly Irish music podcast about tunes and how people fell in love with the music. It’s really good, even if we say so ourselves ; )

Dom plays whistle
Darren plays clawhammer banjo

Daithí Gormley - The Blarney Pilgrims Irish Music Podcast

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Hi Free Reeders. I've shared a few of our other episodes in other sections of the site, but this is the first accordion one. I hope you like it.

Here's a bit about the epiode:

‘A good reel would wipe the cobwebs off his heart.’ Last Night’s Fun and Joe Cooley, a -kick-you-in-the-chest-kind-of-accordion-player.’ Looking for the ghosts of James Morrison and Michael Coleman on the streets of New York City. Translating the music of the fiddle into the language of the box. A grandmother’s recordings a treasure trove for the aspiring Daithí Gormley and the chancey nature of recording in the studio.

‘There’s only one trick to becoming a great musician - you figure out what you’re not able to do, and don’t do it.’ Finbarr Dwyer’s advice to Daithí.

To listen, stream or download simply click a link below:

Our website: https://blarneypilgrims.fireside.fm
iTunes: https://apple.co/2A6tUPm
Google Podcasts: http://bit.ly/3cPTkis
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3eIwBFy

Or alternatively, simply search your favourite podcast app for the Blarney Pilgrims.

Daithí’s album with Catherine McHugh is
‘Fiddling without a Bow – Irish Traditional Music on Button Accordion’

And his book ‘Fiddlers of Sligo Tunebook’ compiled with Oisin Mac Diarmada, is available here:
https://custysmusic.com/search?q=Daith% ... pe=product

The tunes Daithí plays:

Last Night’s Fun
The Templehouse Reel and an unnamed reel, from the playing of Michael Joe and Larry MacDonagh
The Spike Island Lasses and Farewell to Leitrim
Tell Her I Am and Tatter Jack Walsh
My Love is Fair and Handsome followed by The Maid of Mount Cisco (composed by Paddy Killoran)

And finally - it’s hard to do justice to Ciaran Carson’s last collection of poems, which we mention during the chat, ‘Still Life.’ It’s shot through with sorrow and love, and a savouring of the last of life.

Ciaran Carson also wrote what many regard as the best book on Irish music yet written, ‘Last Night’s Fun.’ Which happens to be the name of the tune with which Daithí began today’s episode, talking about the legendary Joe Cooley.


If you like the episode please subscribe. You can also follow us at any of the following:


Right that's it, haha, hope you enjoy.

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