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FS: Harmonica Pedals and Amps
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Author:  Loren [ Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:02 pm ]
Post subject:  FS: Harmonica Pedals and Amps

Some gear I’m not using for sale below, please note

1. Lone Wolf Harp Attack tube distortion pedal. Great pedal for adding real tube crunch/break-up to your current amp OR using at jams when you either can't bring an amp and have to go direct or you need to use the House amp and want to dial in your own tone.

This is pedal is essentially new: I bought it thinking I'd use it, but I never ended up needing it after all. Only been played through for less than 15 minutes total.

New price for these is $183. Plus $12.95 shipping = $196.95

Selling mine for $155. Shipped CONUS.

2. Lone Wolf Harp Delay pedal, standard (green) version. This pedal has rarely been used - I have two and this was my back-up.

New these are $162 plus $12.95 shipping = $174.95

Selling mine for $135 Shipped CONUS.

Both pedals are available for local pick-up if you are in the Boston area.

I also have 3 Amps for sale, and these are ONLY available for pick-up locally in the Boston area - I will not ship them unless you are willing to prepay some place like the UPS store to pack as well as ship the amp, and all I have to do is drop an unpacked amp off to them.

1. Megatone Wezo-45 handmade custom harmonica tube amp. 45 watts of killer Chicago harp tone made by Dale Leslie of Megatone Amps using the highest quality components.

This combo amp has 1x10" Eminence Ragin Cajun speaker and 1x12" Eminence The Governor speaker. The amp is capable of getting very loud, but is also unusual in that it still sounds great and can get plenty of break-up at bedroom volume. Super versatile in that sense. Also looks freakin’ cool as hell.

Amp appears essentially new as it has lived it's life at home: never been out to gigs or jams, which is why I'm selling - it's more amp than I'll ever need and I have something smaller that I'll keep. Hard to let this go, but it should be rocking a joint somewhere, not sitting rarely used in my tiny apartment near my very unappreciative neighbors.

Amp was over $2500. new, and it would likely cost you around $3000 to have Dale build you something similar right now.

Selling in like new condition and with very low hours on the tubes, for $1900.

2. Harpgear Double Trouble harmonica amp. Great small to midsize harp amp with two Weber 8" Signature speakers and 18 watts of tube power. Great tone and excellent volume in small and amazingly light package. Also has a line out jack.

This amp looks essentially new - it's never been out of the house to a gig or jam. Very nice looking British racing green and tan tolex which Harpgear no longer offers. Low hours on the speakers and tubes.

These amps are well over $1200 new (shipped), I'm selling this one in, nearly new condition and a rare color combo, for $900.

3. VHT Special 6. Like my other amps, this one has rarely been used and has never been out of the house. Stock speaker and no mods have been done other than removing the wire mesh coving the opening on the back panel which rattled while playing and drove me nuts.

Looks like these are currently selling for $250. new plus shipping and/or tax.

Selling my like new VHT Special 6 for $190.

Contact me via PM if interested in anything, will provide photos via email.

Author:  Loren [ Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FS: Harmonica Pedals and Amps

Lone Wolf of Harp Delay Reduced to $125.

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