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FS original Hohner double ray 12 basses

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:38 am
by Ansi
Sale german accordion from the english master Michael Rowbotham, who is the main specialist for the hohner accordions. Original Hohner Double Ray very common, much better than the new "chinese hohner" in quality and sound. Of the old Hohners, this is perhaps the easiest model for weight and furs,
Master did full maintenance and everything set up, it's cool, we can discuss delivery issues in person, the box will go from Moscow, I bought it from one of the best Irish accordionist in Russia, you can see her on youtube
Warm bag, set of spare leather belts, switch of thirds and a John Williams' layout of basses:
(I want to add that this particular bass layout is ideal and convenient for beginners) price 790$

Recently, the master commented on the post on melodleone
HI Alexei and everyone!

just to confirm that this is indeed one of my boxes and I remember it well. It was set up for one of the group of excellent young Irish Traditional Music players in Russia.

It has a pullstop to remove the thirds... although unisonoric basses/chords as explained in the original post, it still has a 'melodeon layout' with basses and chord buttons alternating inner and outer, in the John Williams layout as described in the post. This could be easily changed to a stradella layout; alternatively, the staggered arrangement of the buttons could be evened out.

Either way, this is an excellent box and at the price being asked is quite a bargain... I think there was a recent thread with someone asking about B/C's and 12 bass Ericas.... well, here you go!

Mike R

ссылка на картинку
ссылка на картинку
ссылка на картинку

Re: FS original Hohner double ray 12 basses

Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:43 am
by TomTom
Hi, Is the box still for sale please ?