Looking for Music Themes

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Looking for Music Themes

Post by austin8979 »

Hi, Could anyone tell me if there is a way of looking up song titles/artists on a particular theme.
For example if I wanted to compile a music quiz on the theme of colours or days of the week or cities, does a website exist where I could input the key word and HEY PRESTO all the songs ever released or artists are there to choose from?
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Post by fearfaoin »

I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you mean that you might put in
"colors", and get back "Yellow Submarine" and "Black Monday"?
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Looking for Music Themes

Post by logan_657 »

I have recently bumped into a good site - moonlightcinemanetworks.com while searching in internet on the topic.

You can't quite search song themes, but it will come up with every song with your chosen word in the title, who recorded it and what album it's on. It also has loads of information on the artists, and reviews of all the recordings.
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