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Really...from the album Bilbao 00:00h. Has it been mentioned here before? (I did a search and found only one reference in a list of albums, with no details).

The album is by Kepa Junkera, who plays a Basque diatonic accordion called the trikitixa. Guests include Carlos Nuñez, Paddy Maloney, Bela Fleck, Máirtín O'Connor, Alasdair Fraser, Liam O'Flynn, Hedningarna, La Bottine Souriante, and many more.

The song Fali-Faly (1:30 excerpt) is a hybrid of (at least) Malagasy-Basque-Irish-Galician-Scots-Bluegrass-Quebecois. The whole 2-disc set is quite a mixture, very nice overall, although with a few syrupy or cheezy moments.
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