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Some things just aren't funny
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Author:  Walden [ Sat Nov 12, 2005 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Some things just aren't funny

cskinner wrote:
You know, I like to think of myself as a good sport. You post stuff about a goofy fusion and, hey, I can have some fun with it. But when you appear to treat Freestyle Acid House Flamenco music with the same frivolity as Twelve Tone Boy Groups, I just have to speak up.

You're preaching at the choir. I have Beverly La Haye, Dr. Laura, and the entire Concerned Women for America, organizing a massive boycott of all the products advertising through Google AdSense, in this forum, as we speak.

cskinner wrote:
Of course there's no way you could know--I reserve a private part of my life that no one, not even dear C&F friends, knows anything about.

Did you mix singular and plural?

cskinner wrote:
You But wouldn't it at least seem like a POSSIBILITY, Dale, that a fusion as significant, resonant, and meaningful as Freestyle Acid House Flamenco might be the kind of thing that gets a person through the night? I can't tell you how many crises I have endured--with hope and determination, no less--because of the inspiration I have taken from A Guy Called Geraldo's Andalusian Voodoo and other trance-enducing heel-clacking miracles. I don't know--to see this life-transforming music put on display for derision--I just feel so....violated.

Hate to be a buzz kill, but I gotta say what's in my heart.


It's giving me Freestyle Flamenco Acid Reflux.

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