Video game music and ITM

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Tell us something.: I'm an ITM enthusiast who has been learning instruments like the whistle and smallpipes. I've been playing various different musical instruments for years.
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Video game music and ITM

Post by MooglePower »

I'm currently in an internet-based video game folk music group and a lot of the tracks that I've arranged for this group involve trad arrangements of video game music. Has anyone else here explored this? I'd love to hear what everyone else has done.

Lately, I've taken to turning the video game music into trad-style tunes (e.g. Chocobo Theme as a slipjig) and putting them in sets with other trad tunes.
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Tell us something.: I started with playing bamboo flutes. But I transitioned to primarily playing the Boehm flute a few lessons ago with the aim of getting good music instruction. However, I've been transitioning to playing Irish Traditional Music on simple flutes.
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Re: Video game music and ITM

Post by AaronFW »

I personally don't have experience with arranging or playing this type of thing, but I do enjoy listening to it. Thanks for sharing the link.
Do you happen to have a record of the Chocobo Theme Slipjig? I'd love to hear it.

As for my own musical adventures, I am still nailing down the fundamentals and trying to feel my way around to find my thing. I'm mostly playing and learning ITM in order to build skills.
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