Anyone play whistle in bluegrass / foik / country oldtime jams?

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Anyone play whistle in bluegrass / foik / country oldtime jams?

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I've played mostly mandolin -- bluegrass, oldtime, folk for the last many years. One thing I like about it is bluegrass and related folky country styles is it seems to be the easiest generate to find a jam the intermediate level. So, I can find people to play with. I've dabbled in whistle for a couple years but start playing a lot more this last winter when I tore a ligament in a finger skiinger and couldn't play mando for a few months. I started going to BG jams again recently and one I attend is pretty laid back, medium speed, a couple guy play harmonica which is folky/country but definitely not bluegrass in a strict sense. At some point I'll probalby bring a D and C whislte in case someone ever calls a tune I can play on whistle.

So, I'm curious does anyone play whistle in any bluegrass/folk/country/oldtime jams?

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