FS: Gold Tone IT-250 Open Back "Irish" Tenor Banjo * SOLD *

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FS: Gold Tone IT-250 Open Back "Irish" Tenor Banjo * SOLD *

Post by Bretton »

* * * SOLD * * * (Leaving info in case it's of use to anyone in the future). -Brett

Hi. I've had this in the Instrument Exchange forum for a while, but thought I'd post it here as well.

I've got an almost new Gold Tone IT-250 open back tenor banjo tuned GDAE that I'd like to sell (or maybe trade).

I got it a couple of months ago for $600 new (no case).

It's still in near new condition (I marked the optimal location for the bridge on the head with pencil).

To be honest, I'm selling it because I'm not fond of it's tone/sound. I've had quite a few pre-war banjos and finally decided to try one of new manufacture to see how they compare, and I like most of the old banjos I've tried better. It may just need some tweaking (strings, bridge, tailpiece, etc.). However, I don't feel like messing with it, so I'd rather sell it and move on. I know that's not a great selling recommendation, but you may like the sound...I like plunky, mellow sounding banjos, and this one is very bright and loud. If that's the sound you like, this would be a good deal...$200 off what they sell for new.

I'd like to get $550, or trade for a flute or other GDAE tuned instrument of similar value. Feel free to make an offer.

There are a couple of Casey Burns flutes on the Instrument Exchange, and I'd like to buy one of those, but need to sell this banjo first.

Thanks for looking!

-Brett (bretterb AT gmail DOT com)
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Re: FS: Gold Tone IT-250 Open Back "Irish" Tenor Banjo

Post by Thomaston »

No financial interest in this sale, but wanted to mention I have the same banjo and really like it. I haven't compared it to vintage tenors, but feel it's nicely plunky with the right head. I had goat skin on it for a while and it never sounded better, but real skin can be temperamental. The Renaissance head gave a nice median between plunky and sharp.
I also replaced the stock bridge with this Farquhar bridge and it made a world of difference:

Anyway, just wanted to pass along to any interested parties that the IT-250 is a good value, especially with a couple of upgrades.
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