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FS: Many instruments

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 11:47 am
by tommyk
These are still for sale (all three instruments hitting a second run on eBay).

1) Crump B-III bouzouki (10-string)
2) Parker electric bass guitar
3) Custom 10-string banjo-mandolin (search eBay for "banjo mandolin")
4) 8-channel Carvin sound system

1) Phil Crump B-III bouozuki (10-string)
This one gets compliments on it’s tone EVERY gig.
Price in February of 2005 was $3,000 including Cedar Creek case;
includes $200 "Double Treble" strap with my Celtic design (“The Tommy K” – this one is 2 and ½ inch black leather with green Celtic knotwork embroidery which goes very nicely with the bouzouki), and Planet Waves stereo Y-cable to make use of the stereo iMix system by L.R. Baggs.
Bubinga back and sides, redwood top (a few pick stratches, but nothing major), mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, headstock cover and bridge.
Gold Planet Waves AutoTrim locking tuners and Allen Tailpiece. Schaller Straplocks. Black binding. Celtic paua shell inlay rosette and on neck and headstock.
The jack for the L.R. Baggs stereo iMix is NOT the end pin – they are separate.
Strung with new Thomastik-Infeld flatwounds and includes an extra set (two sets of TI Jazz guitar strings).
Case (Cedar Creek) is arch top with silver futura outside, green velvet inside, shroud, combo lock, and hygrometer built in.
ASKING: $2,500.00 (on eBay)

Parker PB51 electric bass guitar
Currently on eBay. Search for “Parker bass” for the details. I’ve never played a bass which is so light weight and which plays so easily. Parkers are definitely different from most.
Brand new also. Purchased for $1,300.00.
ASKING: $850.00 (on eBay)

4) Carvin sound system
8-channel, stereo live sound system from Carvin. Recently checked out by pro sound techs. Everything is in perfect shape.
You can check out photos and specs at - Includes:
Mixer amp: CX-872, 750-watt, 8 stereo channels, with built-in effects and two-channel EQ.
Two cabinets: Two RL210T (bass cabs, but FULL range), 400-Watt speaker cabinets. Marketed as bass guitar monitors (for large stage), Carvin pulled these from production when they realized they’d made too much of a good thing. These are full range – 5-string bass guitar all the way to high G whistle! These are not made anymore.
8-channel stage snake: SNK8-4 brand new 50-foot snake.
This package also includes the two speaker stands, the amp’s power cable, as well as two speaker cables. A great set up for a folk group either way.
Best if this is an in-person purchase; shipping would be VERY costly, and I’m sure you’d want to check out the sound in person.
ASKING: $500.00


Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 1:18 pm
by tommyk

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 5:19 pm
by tommyk
No serious interest on the list yet, so everything's gone to eBay.

Thanks anyway.

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 5:33 pm
by tommyk