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Fiddle tunes for viola or mandola - free collection
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Author:  rpalmer [ Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:56 am ]
Post subject:  Fiddle tunes for viola or mandola - free collection

Hi - I'm a former fiddle player who switched to viola a number of years ago. I still love to play fiddle tunes, so I ended up transcribing/transposing a lot of them into alto clef (and usually down an octave) to play on viola. I've taken the tunes that are in the public domain, plus some copyrighted tunes I could get permission for, and put them in a (digital) collection. The collection is free to anyone who wants it. The only requirement is that it be for free - no reproduction of the collection in whole or in part for any profit of any kind. Many of the copyright holders agreed to let me include their tunes without paying royalties on condition that I wasn't making anything on the collection. The collection is slanted toward New England - lots of contra dance tunes and waltzes. There are about 450 tunes. There are two versions: a large format with, usually, one to three tunes per (8.5 x 11) page; and a small format with more like four to six tunes per page. Other than the format, the two versions are identical. Anyone who would like either a zip file containing the two PDFs or a link to a Google Drive folder with the zip drive(s) and the PDFs can contact me. Once you have the file(s), you're welcome to share with anyone else, as long as it's for free.
All the best,

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