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Question: Tuning Fiddle Down
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Author:  Ceann Cromtha [ Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Question: Tuning Fiddle Down

Greetings! I play uilleann pipes and my youngest daughter's violin teacher wants her and me to play together at her next recital. I quickly learned in our practice sessions that my concert pitched D set (A =440 Hz) is too loud for her 1/2 sized violin. So, I think I'll try my C# set instead. The only question is: how do I tune her violin down one step (?) to accommodate my chanter. What is the procedure I should use? I know that this probably sounds like a stupid question, but, I've never done it before. Thanks!

Author:  Tunborough [ Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Question: Tuning Fiddle Down

How do you tune the violin now? If you tune it to G D A E with an electric tuner, use the tuner to tune it to F# C# G# and D# (or Gb Db Ab Eb). If you tune the A string to a piano and tune the other strings from the A, tune the A string to G#/Ab on the piano (or on your chanter), and tune the other strings from the A string. You may need to re-tune frequently until it settles in to the new tuning.

Be aware that the tone of a 1/2-size violin is already challenged because of the smaller size, and tuning it flat will make it that much worse.

Author:  benhall.1 [ Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Question: Tuning Fiddle Down

I would do it carefully. Personally, I'd want to loosen the E string a bit before tackling the other strings. If, as is likely, the adjuster on the E string is tightened to some extent, undo the adjuster a bit to bring the E string down a bit. Then have a go at the other strings.

When you come to tune the fiddle back up, it will seem like you're tuning the strings to breaking point. It should be OK, but I don't like tuning and re-tuning too much as it can put additional strain on the strings.

Author:  Ceann Cromtha [ Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Question: Tuning Fiddle Down

Thanks for the thoughtful and very helpful responses!

Author:  sbfluter [ Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Question: Tuning Fiddle Down

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Just twist the knobs a little. It doesn't take much. I play old-time music and regularly tune it up to AEAE or down to GDGD so it's really no big deal. Use a clip-on tuner and it'll be much easier.

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