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RIP Tom Paley
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Author:  s1m0n [ Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  RIP Tom Paley

Mathematician,* banjo-player and New Lost City Rambler. ... story.html

And crucial link between the great folk scare and the full-bore folk revival.

Years ago I had a brief contact with him via the medium of banjo-L. I'd been listening to the 78-era Allen Bros recording A New Salty Dog, and puzzling over the lyrics. I could tell - it's obvious - that I was hearing a euphemism, and from the tone it was likely risqué. But I had no idea what it might signify. So I asked the list, and Tom Paley, to the horror of some other members, enlightened me. Back in the 30s, he said, a Salty Dog was a practitioner of oral sex in general, and cunnilingis in particular. Most of the list had no idea. "Oh no, I played it in church," one fellow wailed. I've always thought that was pretty funny.

*Actually, I first typed "methematician", which isn't what I meant at all.

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