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This forum is for posts that are related to whistles--tinwhistles, pennywhistles. For many years, in fact, since Chiff & Fipple invented the Internet, this forum included posts about whistles and also posts on a wide range of other topics not related to whistles. This was just part of the whole community deal that has always been part of the fun of the Chiff & Fipple forum. However, in the early 21st century, 2005 to be exact, the number of OT (Off Topic) posts grew to the point that approximately 61% of our membership was annoyed. So, we decided to split one forum into two. This part, The Chiff & Fipple Whistle Forum, is for posting on-topic--about whistles and whistle playing and collecting and so on.

The Chiff & Fipple Poststructural Pub contains posts on a wide variety of topics and is the place for general conversation of the non-whistle order.

Let me also remind you of a really useful and often unnoticed feature of the board. When you sign in and see the list of forums, just above the forum table and to the right is an link that reads "View Posts Since Last Visit." This is a really handy way to see posts on ALL forums that have been made since, well, your last visit.

See you on the forums!

Special thanks to Rich Lafferty for setting it all up.

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