Whistler mural

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Re: Whistler mural

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Ah, spot on Mr Gumby, well done. Yes, a young couple from Canberra were over your way about that time and came back with them, only identified as "The Wran Tunes". Haven't played them in years, but there they were, on the end of the whistle. Long term memory is a wonderful thing, isn't it. Now what was your name again, young man?
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Re: Whistler mural

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Mr.Gumby wrote: Wed Mar 15, 2023 5:31 am
Na Piobairi Uilleann's Notes and narratives series has this talk: Fingal and its mummers
Absolutely great. I enjoyed listening to the history and tradition he is talking about.
It is fascinating how everything is connected, yet different.
Thank you very much.
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