Mk Pro clogs in less than a minute

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Terry McGee
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Re: Mk Pro clogs in less than a minute

Post by Terry McGee »

About 45° if sitting upright or standing, but horizontally or even -10°if lounging feet up in my recliner! And certainly, if playing the Killarney (with its brass edges to the windway) in the recliner, you become very aware of water accumulating at your lips.

But even at 45°, the water doesn't seem to want to drain out via the tube, it seems to prefer to just sit around in the windway. This is why the quick suck approach to clearing helps. Though I don't feel it works as well as the "put a finger over the window and blow hard" method. But that requires stopping playing.

And although we use expressions such as clogging or blocking, I agree - I don't think the water normally builds up to the levels that would literally block the windway. (Moof might challenge that assertion!) But that's what it feels like while you are struggling through the remainder of the tune. Volume is going down, the tone is going raspy, usually reliable notes go dodgy, it feels like you are blowing bubbles. My guess is that the build-up of condensation has reached the level where it messes with the voicing until cleared.

Interesting observations, Moof, thanks. So even though the centre of the curved windway is now the lowest point, the condensate still migrates to the sides. Under the influence of the airflow, I guess.
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Re: Mk Pro clogs in less than a minute

Post by Moof »

Yeah, I haven't had either whistle actually refuse to sound because there was so much condensation, but as Terry says, there's a lot of air noise and it just sounds worse and worse.

As for the point about significant accumulation, I think practising on the MK with the window facing downwards keeps it clear because there IS a lot of moisture when the room's cold. If it were just odd beads, it probably wouldn't be heavy enough to run out and drip off.

Even so, it hangs around much more when I twist the head around the right way in order to try and play a piece properly—to the point where it sometimes begins to feel like a waste of time. Which is infuriating, because I've grown to love the sound of the MK whilst I've had it on loan! I won't need to return it until the weather starts to warm up a bit, though, and if it does become easier, I might well invest in one myself.
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Re: Mk Pro clogs in less than a minute

Post by bruce.b »

My music is really cold in the winter. I have a small electric heater I turn on when I enter, and warm the whistle I’m planning to play in front of it. It works great. Every couple of tunes I do it again, plus my hands if they need it.
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