Whistle Workshops - October Group Classes

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Whistle Workshops - October Group Classes

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// Online weekly interactive group whistle lessons //

Hi all, just a little note to let you know the next round of group Whistle Workshops will be starting next week! :)

If you are unfamiliar with these, I run weekly group tin whistle and low whistle group classes online via Zoom.

- Class sizes are small to ensure they are interactive
- They are split into a number of different categories to ensure players are well matched
- Group classes are organised into terms of 4 weeks to ensure each week we can pick up from the previous week.

And the ‘October’ term will be starting next week :)

Each term of 4 weeks costs £50. All classes are 1 hour long and include follow up videos and other resources.

If you like the idea of learning alongside whistle players from around the world, having a bit of fun and getting instant feed back on your playing please get in touch. I will be able to recommend a class and some time options based on your current experience.

More information is also available from www.whistleworkshops.com

Many thanks!

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