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Made my whistles quieter
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Author:  Alaskamike [ Wed Jul 08, 2020 7:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Made my whistles quieter

Trill -
I took your tweak and added it to mine. The result was a little quieter than the blade tweak alone, and overall much quieter that the plain whistle.



This is far from scientific, but I used a noise meter on my phone to measure the volume when playing an E5 and came up with the following values:
80 dB - plain whistle
76 dB - whistle with the matchstick tweak
73 dB - whistle with blade tweak
70 dB - whistle with blade and matchstick tweaks

I found that the whistle with both tweaks was a little more temperamental to play. Also, I took the blade tweak off to measure the volume and once I reinstalled it I wasn't able to use the matchstick tweak.

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