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Author:  Matthewlawson3 [ Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cleaning Brush

kkrell wrote:
Matthewlawson3 wrote:
Forgive me, maybe I'm not understanding, but would I still need a pill case with wet sponge with the recommended humidifier too? It looks like the humidifier that was recommended will need water in it... Would that not provide moisture in the case without the need for the pill case? I'm sure I'm misunderstanding somewhere.

The wet sponge method is just a home-made humidifier. I have previously used a small plastic travel soapdish, with hole in the top, filled with those water beads they have in craft stores (usually for house plants - prefer the clear, not dyed color). Stick a sponge on top of that (even better, a PVA sponge), & close the soap container. This provides moisture for quite a long time without having to refresh with water. I use the Humistat #1 mostly, as it is easier to make room in a flute or gun case. I use the larger one (#3) in guitar cases.

Ok so if I have the Humistat I don't need the pill case option, right?

I just fill the Humistat up and put it in the case and I'm good to go correct?

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