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Galeon tweaked Feadog experiences?
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Author:  Thomaston [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Galeon tweaked Feadog experiences?

I just saw this listed at the Irish Flute Store. ... g-whistles

I did a search, but the only comment is from Blayne, saying it’s similar to a Silkstone Alloy D. But that means nothing to me, having never played a Silkstone.

Has anyone tried one out? I’m curious how they compare to Jerry Freeman’s work. Or if anyone has done a side by side comparison with a Cillian O’Briain tweaked Feadog. I’m looking to get something a little quieter than my Mellow Dog, since my Bluebird has just gone to a student in need.

PS- separate from the topic at hand, does anyone happen to know of a place in the US that stocks Cillian’s whistles? I haven’t found anything, and would just as soon avoid international shipping if possible. Assuming I don’t decide on a Galeon instead, of course.

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