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Author:  JTU [ Mon May 20, 2019 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  MK Pro Low D

I have added an MK Pro to my collection as I come to terms with the Piper’s Grip. After two long plays with it I can report that it is a great whistle. I only have one other Low D to compare it with namely a Kerry Optima non tuneable Low D. Which do I prefer? The MK. Not that there is anything wrong with the Optima but I like the tone of the MK better particularly in the higher octave. Also the MK has a much much better d and e on the bottom end. This may be my imagination but I seem to be able to close the holes better on the MK although visually it’s hard to see a size difference between it and the Kerry Optima. I was able to play the MK for over two hours without any noticeable strain on the hands. I cannot yet do that with the Kerry Optima even though the Optima is lighter - that could be to do with an unconscious effort to grip the shinier Kerry Optima harder because of a concern the shinier surface may be slippery, not sure. Will I play the Kerry Optima ever again? Certainly as I like a change and a challenge but not for a little while. As an aside if you exclude the day I ordered it and the day it was delivered it only took 5 working days to get from Scotland to Australia. By the way it is green.

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