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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2018 12:44 pm 

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It has been some time since I last posted here on the message board. I would like to share with the Chiff and Fipple Commuinty my thoughts and experience with Celtic Whistle maker Ronaldo Reyburn, who is based in Ashland, Oregon.

I purchased a Brass Session High D and a Brass High C from him. After playing these whistles for a time, I was so impressed with them that I also ordered a High E Flat from Ronaldo. Before I get into a short review of the whistles, I'd like to share with you a little about myself and the whistles I have owned and played for the past 20+ years from the following makers:

Pat O'Riordan Concert Set D/C in Kingwood
B Flat Black Anodized Aluminum
Low G Black Anodized Aluminum
Low A Black Anodized Aluminum
Low D Black Anodized Aluminum
Traveler Set in D/C

Glen Schultz High D Cocobolo
High D African Blackwood
High C Rosewood

Mike Burke Brass Session High D, Aluminum High D, Aluminum High E Flat

Gary Humphrey Stealth High D, C, Mezzo B, B Flat Journeyman High D and E Flat

Colin Goldie High E Flat and High D

Chris Abel African Blackwood High D

Michael Copeland High D brass, High C brass, Low D brass

John Sindt High D brass, High E Flat brass

Paul Busman High D Cocobolo

Feadog High D

Clack Sweetone High D

Review and comments on Ronadlo Reyburn Celtic Whistles:

First off, they are beautifully crafted by a true crarftsman. Ronaldo uses a heavier brass tubing for his instruments. This tubing offers a richer tone compared to the thin walled tubing used by other makers. The thicker walled tubing is much more durable than the thinner tubing...a plus for players who carry their instruments around a lot. I ordered my whistles in "Just Temperament" which is Ronaldo"s default tuning. It is an ideal tuning when pipes are being played at a session and the fiddlers will love the more perfect scale as the overtones won't be beating against each other. Also, the thicker walls of the brass tubing give a wonderful "feel" as you play them. The resulting sound is rich and full. Very smooth transitions from the fundamental (bell) note up through the second octave.I
place Ronaldo's whistles at the top of my list.

Review of Ronaldo Reyburn Celtic Whistles in E Flat, D and C

1. The Brass E Flat beautiful rich tone. Does not "scream" in the second octave. Very smooth across the octave. The "Just Temperament Tuning" is spot on. Great hand feel and balance. Best E Flat I've ever played. Very fast.

2. The Brass Session D feels great in ones hands. I love the weight of it. Tuned in "Just Temperament" tuning. This instrument plays perfectly in tune with controlled blowing. The tone is full and rich (all notes) The whistle can be "pushed" and stays on pitch. Excellent volume, perfect for session or solo playing.

3. The Brass C is full and rich but slightly more on the mellow side of things. Very
beautiful sound. Perfect for solo work or to accompany a solo voice/choir or with another instrument
The "Just Temperament Tuning" is beautiful on the whistle. IMO all whistles should use the 'Just' tuning rather than 'Equal' temperament tunings. For more information an Just vs Equal tuning please look here: https:/

Ronaldo reyburn is a craftsman of the highest order. He is also a kind, generous, person. If you are looking for one of the most beautiful whistles on the planet, give Ronaldo a call. He will be very happy to make one for you.

Best to all of you!

James Wilsing

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