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CP: Oz Whistles - A new year and a new approach!
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Author:  Mitch [ Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  CP: Oz Whistles - A new year and a new approach!

Hi all,

Hoping all had a music-filled festive-season!

Since starvation appears to be in the numbers for this month, I'm trying a new approach to get clear and have enough to complete some new projects.

This is a kind of call for patronage in the form of pre-paid builds.
Usually, I don't ask for payment till the whistle is ready to send, but with pre-payment, I can offer a form of investment.
So, the offer will be that those who take-up the offer will get free express postage and carry case for the order.
That amounts to about $100 off the normal total.

Right now, I can only offer gidgee or delrin until another suitable tonewood proves to be good for these builds.

So the price of a build in B, C, C#, D or Eb looks like this:
Vambrace model.
Gidgee/Bronze: $500(AUD)
Gidgee/Silver: $525
Delrin/Bronze: $500(AUD)
Delrin/Silver: $525

Visor model (same keys):
Delrin/Bronze: $350
Delrin/Silver: $370

Builds will take between 3 and 6 weeks for this offer.
If the subscription gets too large, then the build-times will become longer, but I don't anticipate that.

I'll keep this offer open until my investment target is reached, then revert to the pay-on-completion at full price method.

Happy to see any thoughts or comments!

In the meantime, here's some shameless self-promotion showing the 2 models on offer - hope you enjoy it!

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