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Author:  david_h [ Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: octaves

Tunborough wrote:
david_h wrote:
If you want to get the air to go down the windway of a whistle faster all you can do is increase the pressure at your end and so use more air.
It isn't clear that's the only variable we control. The evidence suggests that there other factors at play. And if there are, we can be sure our bodies will figure out how to control them, even if we aren't conscious of what we're doing.
Agreed, and the paper you linked raises the question about what an expert is doing and how. But I think so far as the OP is concerned s1m0n's original answer about getting the octaves covered it.

I have still only skimmed the paper, but it occurs to me that the novice may have an less stable air stream due to inferior 'breath support' so be more likely to generate a fluctuation that flips to the next octave. Also that the expert can probably hear and/or feel when they are right on the edge of the change and have the control to get closer to it. 'Breath support' seems to be a critical but hard to explain aspect of wind instrument playing.

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